PocketIFS 0.3d

Generate fractal images


  • Good starter package
  • Nice fractals


  • Lack of options

Not bad

PocketIFS is a nice piece of software for the amateur applied mathematician. It allows you to create fractals based on mathematical functions. So you can imitate nature and create some incredible geometric fractals that go on and on. I made one crazy spiral.

Just select the type of fractal and program and off you go, IFS will generate the corresponding image. The software lacks options and additional functions but as a fun starter package it's fine. Maths has never been so fun.

Calling all boffins, applied mathematicians and lovers of nature, this new piece of software allows you to generate images based on fractals. So what is a fractal? I thought you'd never ask. It's a geometric shape that can be subdivided into fractions of the bigger whole - often found in nature with clouds, snowflakes etc.

PocketIFS gets you closer to the natural world by allowing you to create fractals such as trees, shells, coast lines and spirals with ease.

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PocketIFS 0.3d

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